How To Post An Article On YorInspired

When we started YorInspired back in 2010, we wanted to give the good people of Yorkshire a space to share their stories, events and skills. Several hundred articles later, we have a continuously growing and much-read site with thousands of readers, tweeters and sharers.

We enter our eight year with the same approach and attitude – it’s a space for you to use to share your events, work or business. Whether you’re self-employed or an established business, let us know as we’d love to feature you on our site.

We only ever ask two things – that you’re based in Yorkshire and that you’re involved in any of these areas: Art, Crafts, Performing Arts, Food or Drink…it’s as simple as that!

The good news is that you can post as many articles as you like. They can be short or long – it’s really up to you. Photos to go with your article are always appreciated for sharing on the site and across social media too.

Please carefully read our Terms & Conditions page before submitting an article to us. Terms & Conditions can be found here

We look forward to hearing from you!